Occasional Rant 1


I just want to pour my heart out here so you actually can skip this post. I just don't get my colleague. She has a lot of pending works, she rants about it and yet she said we should do some other things that are not in our job scope because she thinks it's better to standardize everything. Whattt?! Please settle your piles of pending works before you talk about things that is beyond your authority. Just shut it! So I can't help but to go against her statement, so I said "For me, I think it's better if we do what we have to do. There's a reason why we have different department in a company. If we do everything including theirs then what is their function then?". And then, I kept quite. Malas already nak layan. I seriously don't get the way she thinks. Why do you want to question everything when your piles of works are still pending. So much time to spend on unnecessary things is it? 😒
Okay that's all. Bye.


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