My TTC Journey

Hi. Assalamualaikum.

So, today I'll be writing about my TTC journey. I believe that different people have different struggles in life. Everyone seems happy and content when we look at their Instagram/Facebook account/post but the reality behind those social media posts? We will never know, unless, they tell us. To be honest, I'm not jealous of those who are currently pregnant, who have delivered their baby, etc. Because as I've said earlier, different people have different struggles. God gives us blessings and struggles uniquely for us. No one will ever encounter the same things, they might be similar but never the same. And as for me, I believe that God has given me so much blessings; I got married at quite a young age (25) when a lot of my friends are still struggling to find love at this age, my wedding might not be as grand as people nowadays, but I was blessed with not having to use even one cent of my money for my wedding when a lot out there need to starve themselves to get enough money in order to get married, I've gone into the next phase in life when others are still finding what's next for them, these are some of the blessings that I can think of right now (surely there's many more) and I'm so grateful for all of it. Thus, I decided to only count my blessings instead of my problems and be positive always. So now, Allah wants to test my husband and I with not having baby yet after almost 2 years of getting married, with lot's of relatives and friends asking about when will we get baby, which is very stressful, however, this is our struggle, so we must get through it. Hence, bye bye stress I'm not going to bother about you, I'll just keep on trying to get through this hurdle. InsyaAllah we will get pregnant soon! Amin. 💪

So, here's what we have done so far to get through this test:

1. Klinik Kesihatan

Our first step is we went to Klinik Kesihatan Kampar to get a referral letter so that we can go to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh to get a full diagnosis on the pregnancy stuff, the whys, etc. We waited like almost two months to get the referral letter. Biasalah pergi government, if nak cepat silalah pergi private. When we were informed of the appointment, it was 3 days before the appointment which was so sudden. And we were busy with piles work at that time. But what to do, we got no choice, if we reject this appointment then we don't know how long more do we need to wait. So we decided to just go with the flow. Biarlah kerja tu semua menimbun pun because we believe that this is the price to pay before Allah grants us our wish. Kenalah ada effort kan kalau nak Allah tolong. 😇

2. O&G, Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh

On the appointment day, we went to the O&G department and get ourselves checked. It was a physical examination on both my husband and I. Unfortunately, it was a young Malay male doctor who examined us. By examined, I meant he checked my miss v, my husband birdie, etc. Oh God, it's embarrassing but never mind, this is for medical purpose so let it go let it gooo~ nooo I seriously can't let it go, it was embarrassing and I can't get over it.. he saw my vajayjay! T.T  
Okay stop it! 
Next I was asked to get an ultrasound scan. Then, we were asked to wait for my period to come and come again to do a blood test on my D2 of period and D21 of period. We were also asked to do a HSG test (you can google this to know more) and also semen test for my husband. I'll update on the procedure soon. Promise! So wait for my next post okay!

3. Traditional Massage

So, I got a traditional massage for my uterus. Basically the aunty massaged my tummy and put everything back in it's rightful position. The aunty is my mom's friend and has been in the business for a long time. She also used to massage my sisters during their confinement period. A lot of women who tried the massaged usually got pregnant after that but of course it depends on rezeki lah. The massage is just a medium to get pregnant but Allah decides whether we will get pregnant after the massage or not. And well, the massage hurts I warned you. So if you're TTC and wants to get a traditional massage, be prepared okay. Not to scare you, just for you to get ready mentally and physically.

4. Islamic Treatment

We went to see an ustaz in Johor to get some Islamic treatment. Actually, my husband frequently experiences sleep paralysis or in common Malay term "kena tindih". There's one time when I saw him like suffocated, I was very scared at that time. And most of the time I don't even realized that he "kena tindih" until he told me. Apart from that, I, on the other hand, always got weird dreams. Some of my dreams are:

- I was in a mall. I got into one room and there was a dead body there. Then the dead man suddenly came alive and chased me. I ran so hard and got into an elevator. The end.

- I was visiting my best friend who is currently pregnant (in my dream and also in real life). This dream felt so real because my friend was having trouble giving birth in reality and so does in that dream, it's already her due but she still haven't gave birth. So in my dream, I visited her. Suddenly there was one woman (one of our friends who came for visit, but I don't know who she was) gave me one of her twin which apparently has died. The baby is dead guys! I was trembling when I woke up.

- The week before I got all of the above dreams, 2 of our friends (1 is my husband friend, the other is my friend), they texted us saying that they dreamed of us got pregnant. 2 people who do not know each other dreamed of the same thing in the same week. How weird is that?

And there are some other weird dreams but tak larat nak type already. Haha.So that's why we decided to get treated before it become even worse. 

Okay so all of these are what we've done so far to get pregnant. So hopefully we'll get pregnant soon. Please pray for us ya. Thank you.


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